I have always had a love for flowers and plants for as long as I can remember. Whether it be working in the greenhouse, in the hedgerow or cutting Nanny’s most cherished roses and assembling them into a jam jar, my love for flowers began young. As I grew, the rambling roses and fresh blossoms whilst walking Dorset’s hedgerows only served to heighten my passion for nature, drawing me into the world of floristry. Fully qualified and with 10 years experience, I decided it was time to launch my own brand and I pledge to always deliver and work with the imagination of our clients. Working in the heart of Dorset from weddings to parties, to large events, my aim is to create gorgeous, wild, floral arrangements. Thinking about a relaxing afternoon with friends whilst getting creative? Why not try one of my workshops you will get to create floral displays and enjoy them at home. Or maybe you would like to brighten someone’s day every new season with the ‘Gift of flowers’ a subscription to receive seasonal hand ties. As an event Florist Charlotte buys from direct British flower growers and the Dutch markets.


Well this is a little about me. Had my first job in a little Florist in Sherborne at 14. I got my GCSE’s andcarried on in the Florist where Myra taught me the basics and pushed my to take my love for the job further. I studied at Kingston Mauward College for 3 years for my NVQ’S and Diplomas in Floristry and Horticulture. I then went on to Freelance with some of the Top UK Florists, taking me all over the UK, from working in shops to celebrity set ups. This is where I found up my unique flare. Which I find is ‘wild and romantic’


Kieran has a back ground of Business and management. He grew up in Dorset, and although he is in the Armed Forces, Dorset has always been his home. He manages the accounts and deals with website design. He’s also our delivery driver so say hi if you see him. He’s also the one carrying the buckets that I have filled with hedgerow, something he has got used to over the couple years!